Andrew Crawford

This is a collection of links to some of Andrew Crawford's various projects.

Evermore Enterprises

Evermore Enterprises provides custom business application development, custom websites, hosted IT services (e.g., email and web hosting), outsourced IT support, staffing and more. They address complex and unique business challenges with custom-tailored solutions. is for sharing design and fabrication projects tangentially or unrelated to the main business operations at Evermore Enterprises. Recent activity includes experiments with laser cutters, CNC milling, mircocontrollers and paper electronics.

Origamic Architecture

Origamic architecture is a style of pop up card, usually created by cutting and folding a single sheet of paper. This is a portfolio of some original work. Andrew also runs a community site for enthusiasts and, an online shop to make it easier for people to purchase origamic architecture artwork, books and tools.

Immersive Panoramic VR Photography

Immersive virtual reality photography projects.

Flower Macro Photography

A collection of close-up photographs of flowers, plants and insects. There is also a small gallery of butterflies.


Some experiments in printmaking using silk screen printing, Print Gocco and, laser and inkjet printers. I also wrote an introductory post talking about how I got into printmaking.

Celtic Knotwork

Original designs inspired by Celtic knotwork, spirals and keypatterns.

Textile Art

Some old textile art projects, including an original paste-resist dying technique based on a Japanese technique called katazome.

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